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Whether it is a successful business or a successful society, the one thing they all have in common is the extent of their connections.

We’re not talking about Facebook friends or Twitter followers, we’re talking about people on whom you could call for a favour. How many of those do you know? How many people would take your call and help you out with something? Is this list of people growing? Well, it should be!

Building these kinds of connections is where the true value of networking lies.

Mike Pagan

Visitors day plus Mike Pagan guest speaker

We are having a vistors day tomorrow. To add more value, we are fortunate to have Mike Pagan who is a much sought after international speaker join us.

Mike Pagan is a highly recommended Coach, Speaker, Master of Ceremonies and Author; with over 20 years experience in the UK and overseas. Mike has consulted, coached, trained and delivered within the SME, corporate, retail banking, hotels, local authority education and charitable sectors.

Come hear what he has to say. read more.

Coventry Business NetworkCBN 10 x 10

Commitment and consistency are two very important values in every relationship and venture. Coventry Business Network members already know that if you can prove these values at the group, you can prove it in the market place where all benefit. For this reason Coventry Business Network rewards committed members with 10×10.  Read more

Coventry Business NetworkOur Mission

To help people generate business and add value to each other and the local economy.  To facilitate growth and understanding of the individual.